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Media Blasting

Soda blasting is an environmentally friendly way of removing paint, dirt, coatings, and other surface contaminants that will not cause damage to the surfaces being cleaned.

Soda blasting is a non-abrasive action. The action of sodium bicarbonate will not cause heat build up, sparks, or abrasion to the surface being cleaned.

Dustless blasting is the newest advance in media blasting technology. It utilizes recycled bottle glass, water and air to safely remove rust, paint and coatings from a variety of surfaces. We never use chemicals or hazardous materials in the process. Why is Dustless blasting an advantage over other types of blasting? Well as you guessed it, it’s dustless! The water and recycled bottled glass are mixed together and when pressurized with air they become a very effective tool for removing paint and rust. During the process anything removed from the surface of the item being blasted, now a fine particle, in encapsulated in the water vapor that is created and drops harmlessly below to a protective tarp. We also use a rust inhibitor when blasting metal parts which helps to rinse contaminants from the surface of the metal leaving them prepped and ready for paint. Since the byproduct of the process is water vapor and not a pool of water, no waste steam is created, making it perfect for removing bottom paint from boats inside a marina.
The following is a short list of the countless uses for Dustless Blasting.
Auto restorations- Removing paint and rust from cars, wheels and engines- harmless and will not warp metal body panels.Bottom paint removal- Removal of Anti-Fouling paint from fiberglass, steel and aluminum hulls- Safe, fast and effective-creates No Waste Stream!

Motorcycle frames, engines and body parts

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At Abilene Powder Coating we believe surface preparation is the most important part of powder coating. The end finish is only as good as what it is applied to. The powder coating process begins at our In-House blasting facility for surface preparation. We have two blasting rooms that are 15' X 30' for large items, as well as a 4'x4' cabinet for smaller items.

Sandblasting the surface of your material prior to coating provides an excellent surface for the powder coating to adhere to. With the best possible adhesion for the powder coating, the finished product will be much more durable.

Our blasting system uses garnet, coal, or nickel slag to remove the old finish, metal oxides or manufacturing bi-products that are on the metal surface. At Abilene Powder Coating we do not use "Silica" sand for blasting purposes as it will damage the powder coating finish during the curing process in the oven.